At Perma Treat Lumber we pride ourselves with high quality pressure-treated wood components will resist termites and decay damages for decades. Our Highway Products Division stocks timber guard rail posts, blocks, and rail in a wide variety of sizes. We can supply your needs whether you want square or round stock, in solid or breakaway designs, with the government or industrial certification you require.

Guardrail composed of W-beam supported by wood posts

                                                             Source: FHWA

To provide the intended measure of safety, your wood components should endure for years without maintenance until an unforeseen moment when they are called upon to impede an out-of-control vehicle or to break away as designed. Treated wood components from Perma Treat Lumber give you this assurance. Our monitored production process yields long lasting treated wood that stands up to the natural enemies of wood and our conscientious manufacturing operations produce components with holes accurately sized and positioned for hardware or breakaway capability.

The treated wood that Perma treat Lumber provides is an environmentally sound choice. You get wood that is treated onsite and in  accordance with standards of the American Wood-Preservers Association (AWPA), in a process monitored by an independent inspection agency that is accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee. Fabrication conforms to the Standard Specification of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and follows applicable state and federal specifications.

Delivery of materials can be made by rail or truck.




Additional Questions on DOT Blocks and Posts?