Perma Treat Lumber offers new Railroad Ties, we specialize in providing high-quality, sustainable treated wood products for the construction of long-lasting rail lines. Treated on-site in Creosote, CCA, Pentachlorophenol, and other EPA registered preservatives we can offer custom treatment. Perma Treat Lumber specializes in providing new oak and selected treated hardwood railroad track products, including:

  • Crossties
  • Switch ties
  • Road crossing panels and timbers
  • Bridge ties and timbersrailroad
  • Prefabricated track panels

Our treatments are environmentally sound, and our products are built to last. Because of the presence of borate throughout the tie, dual treatment has proven to triple the life of a tie compared to conventional treatment, when installed in high-decay track applications.

Perma Treat ties can withstand the punishing effects of heavy trains over many years of service. We offer class one, regional, shortline, government and transit-grade ties, as well as ties built to the standards of the American Railway Engineering and the American Wood Protection Association.

Because we are a full-service provider that can manage the replacement of your railroad ties from start to finish, Delivery of Railroad Ties can be made by rail or truck.

Additional Questions on Railroad Ties?